Taif African Hair Braiding - Detroit, MI
20491 Van Dyke St - Detroit MI 48234-3215 - (313) 368-7777 - Cell: (313) 687-0031
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We set the trend and others copied !

Hair Care Tips
Whether you use shampoo,color conditioner or treatment:
Rinse your hair with plenty of water and make sure the water is not too hot because excess heat may cause dryness.
Rinse shampoo out of your hair thoroughly and wash and condition it well after swimming in a chlorine filled pool.
Use an oil sheen and spray on your roots and braids to keep them from drying out. And remember, most oil sheens give your hair a healthy and glowing look.
Get your hair trimmed at least every three months to prevent split ends from damaging the balance of the hair shaft.

Hair braiding is an ancient art - 17. Jan. 2006 - 14:32

Hair braiding is an ancient art, handed down from generation to generation in Africa. The origins of the art form can be traced back to Egypt as far as 3500 BCE. In many West African countries, hair braiding developed into complex patterns signaling one's social status, age group and village affiliation. Certain elaborate hair treatments were reserved for ceremonial occasions such as weddings.

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Walk-Ins Welcome & Appointments Preferred

20491 Van Dyke St , Detroit MI 48234-3215 USA
On Route 53 - Between 8 Mile Rd E. & Savage St
(313) 368-7777 - Cell: (313) 687-0031

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Taif African Hair Braiding - Detroit, MI